Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Latest Airtel 3G Hack VPN Trick February-March 2013

The latest New working Airtel VPN Trick for January 15 2012 is out now. We are the first to share it openly. There are numerous of Airtel Tricks scattered over the web but most of them doesn't work and a user is always confused it it. Here this Airtel Latest 3G VPN Host Trick is successfully working in most of the regions which has a Secret host So there is no Need of SIM Blocking and Speed Capping.

As this Airtel latest 3G VPN Trick is a TCP based trick so speed is somewhat slow, In normal 3G Mode you will get 200+ Downloading Speed depending on your Network Strength. WE recommend you to connect this Trick at Zero balance Airtel Connects at NIL Balance and there will be no Risk of balance Deduction.

Features of  Airtel New VPN Trick :

Works on Access point : airtelgprs.com
Will work in 2G and 3G Both with Uncapped Speed.
USE on the APN mobile
No registration required.
Based on the Airtel Ports and Idea ports also.
Download Resume and torrent support.
Speed is average
No SIM Blocking
Works at Zero Balance


1. Download Airtel TCP VPN Trick 2013 Config Files
2. You will need NMD VPN to Run this Trick, If you are a Newbie or Don’t have NMD VPN then Download It from Below
3. Download NMD VPN
4. Now Simply Extract the downloaded Config files and Copy the folder in C:> Program Files> NMD VPN> Config:  (make Sure you have NMD VPN Installed in your system.)
5. Now Run NMD VPN, Windows 7 and Windows 8 user’s need to Run it with Administrator privileges .
6. Now Connect Internet with Airtel using Access point as Airtelgprs.com
7. Then Connect with any Servers from 7 high Speed Servers and you connection will initiated Instantly

Enjoy! High Speed Airtel TCP VPN Trick 2013

Note: This is a location based trick and will only work Where Airtel TCP ports are Opened. So if you know that TCP Protocol ports are not Opened in your Area then Kindly please Do not try This Airtel TCP VPN Tricks.

Every step has been taken to make this Airtel TCP VPN Trick work in many states, but if ports are blocked then Do not blame us, Instead wait for another Trick for your Area, Stay Tuned with us for More GPRS Tricks.





Note::This Tricks Are Note Used By Me So This Tricks Used At Your Own Risk.I am Not Responsible For Any Kind of deducting balance all that.
Conditions Apply*.

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  1. dear admin i will try many time completed the survey & download the file but i am not succecefull i can't completed the survey & download the file plz send me Latest Airtel 3G Hack VPN Trick February-March 2013 rar file my email id praveenkd86@gmail.com

  2. bro first You download
    fileicedownloader v1.2 and try again


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