Tuesday, 29 January 2013

[How to] Import iPhone SMS to Android 2013

Most of us like to store all the funny and lovely SMS from and friends and family. If it happens that you have an iPhone and all of your SMS are store in the internal memory of your iPhone and you are going to sell or give it to your relative and going to buy an Android. So, how could you import the SMS on iPhone to your Android? I think most of you don’t know the process to import iPhone SMS to Android. So, in this post I’m going to share how to import iPhone SMS to Android.

Import iPhone SMS to Android

To import your iPhone SMS to your Android you just need to follow the steps below and work accordingly. So guys let me step out the process to import iPhone SMS to Android. This is an easy process and the outline of the process is obtaining the iPhone backup file located on a Windows based PC that is Sync’d whenever the iPhone is plugged into the machine.
  • At first you have to go to the location on your iPhone where the backup is stored
  • Usually the iPhone backup file is store on “AppData” directory which is typically hidden in default
  • The path of the backup file along with the AppData directory is given below
C:users<username>AppDataRoamingApple ComputermobilesyncBackup
  • The directory where the backups of iPhone stored in is in alpha-numerical, 40 characters naming structure
  • And the file you should look for starts with the name “3d07” in some case you will three file in the same name then you should pick up the larger in size among the files
  • Now copy the file on your iPhone and transfer the file into the SD card of your Android
  • Here in this step you have two option to view the SMS from the backup file on your Android
  • The first one is with “SQLite Editor” Android app, to view SMS launch the SQLite Editor app and open the “3d07″ file from the SD card

logo-appSQLite Editor
Speed Software
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  • And the second way is you can use “iSMS2Droid” Android app in conjunction with “SMS Backup and Restore“  Android app to browse the “3d07” file and import / view / or you also restore the SMS right to your Android.

logo-appiSMS2droid (iPhone SMS Import)
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logo-appSMS Backup & Restore
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So, guys lets easily import your important and loving SMS on your iPhone to your Android. Don’t forget let me know if you could import iPhone SMS to Android following the steps above.

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