Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How to Enable/Disable USB Transfer on Android Mobile

There are basically two ways to transfer files between PC and Android phone – via USB or via WiFi. USB transfer enabled out of the box, you don’t require to do anything. However, there are sometime you really wish to disable USB transfer or need to enable it when someone else disable it for your discomfort. Enabling/Disabling USB transfer is very easy, just follow the below guide.

How to Enable/Disable USB Transfer on Android Mobile

1. Press Menu key in your home screen and then tap on Settings option.

2. A list of available options jump in front of you. Locate and tap on Applications option.

3. A few Applications related options will be shown in your screen. Navigate and tap on Development option.

4. You will see 3 options in front of you – USB debugging, Stay awake and Allow mock locations. Every option comes with a check box. 

Tap on checkbox and it will turn into green (means activated). Make sure USB debugging is turned on when you want USB transfer else tap on it to deactivate the function.

Hope this small guide help you to solve some trick. We will talk on more about USB Data Transfer and Wi-Fi Data Transfer in our next articles.

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